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Meditating in Nature


Your well-being is important, and the fact that you are here means you've already taken the first step on your mindfulness journey. What can support you on this journey? Having a guide and a community alongside you. Choose from a variety of classes, courses, corporate programs and retreats to support you every step of the way.


Wondering where to begin? Start your meditation journey with Beginning The Mindful Journey Course. This live online course offers an introduction to how to meditate and bring mindfulness into your daily life. This is also a great starting point for those who meditate but are struggling with maintaining a daily practice.

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Mindful Journey Sessions

These sessions are 1-on-1 in person or live online to help guide you if you are finding it difficult to meditate, or finding it challenging to be with thoughts, emotions, or sensations that are arising when you do. Christine can help guide you in establishing a daily practice and support you with difficulties that are arising. With compassion, kind attention, and experience, she can provide the gentle guidance you need to continue on your own mindful journey.

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A subscription allows you to access recordings anytime to get the continued support you need on your journey. It also allows you to access classes at no additional cost so that you get the support of a community as well.

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Classes help support you as you continue your journey. Sign up for whatever classes fit into your schedule and explore new topics and guided meditations, or allow me to hold the space for silent meditations. Classes are available live online and in person.

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Corporate Consulting

Looking to bring mindfulness into your organization? Here's why you should if you aren't already. Being mindful at work:

- Increases focus, productivity and performance

- Enhances creativity and innovation

- Leads to happier, more engaged employees with less turnover

- Improves employee relations

- Creates a culture of performance and openness 


Having obtained her SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and several other HR related certifications, and spending most of her career in HR roles, Christine has the knowledge and experience needed to work with executives and HR professionals to address the needs of your organization and develop a mindfulness program that's right for you. Contact Christine directly. or 720-253-6197


Retreats offer an opportunity for you to go further on your journey without the distractions of everyday life. We also offer mini retreats for specific audiences. Learn how meditation, mindfulness, and community can benefit you in specific aspects of your life. Interested in creating a retreat or mini retreat for your group? Contact Christine directly. 

What Clients Are Saying

Meditation Group


"Christine has such a calm presence and an evenness and openness that feels very welcoming. This is such a gift to be able to participate in this class. Christine is such a natural here in this space. I can't think of another person from whom I feel such an unconditional sense of caring and acceptance. I'm so grateful." 
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