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What if we took a pause in all the doing and took a moment to just be? To be with ourselves just as we are. What if we shifted our focus from grasping for what’s on the outside and out of our control to what is within us right here, right now? Perhaps that’s enough. Perhaps you’re enough.

The Mindful Journey

Bringing Mindfulness From the Cushion Into Every Day Life

The Mindful Journey offers online and in person one-on-one sessions, group classes, courses, workshops and retreats to teach mindfulness and meditation, and cultivate community. 

Meditation Class

My Journey to You

I've been practicing mindfulness throughout my life. It started as prayer and quiet moments in nature as a young girl, it expanded to yoga as a teenager, and in my 20s I began studying the concepts behind mindfulness. Meditation became part of my daily life after enduring much loss and grief. I quickly experienced the benefits and healing that meditation has to offer and neuroscience has proven. After 23 years in the corporate world coaching and helping others through human resources roles, I decided to obtain a certification as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. I invite you to join me on this journey and experience these benefits for yourself.

Meet Christine

My Vision Statement:   

I will live an authentic life with the intention to be present, act with loving kindness, and bring myself and others from a place of suffering to a place of healing, so that we may find happiness and meaning in life.

My Mission Statement:   

I will continue my mindfulness and meditation practices on the cushion and in daily life. I will hold an intention to be present in my relationships with clients by mindfully listening and wisely responding to their needs while sharing the gift of mindfulness from a loving heart. 


My Bio:

Christine Dowding Schmitz is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and the Founder of The Mindful Journey.  After graduating from Villanova University with degrees in Business and Communication, she studied with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach through the Power of Awareness Program and the 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program in conjunction with Sounds True and Berkeley.

For over 20 years, Christine has been serving others as a teacher, trainer, and coach for adults through various human resources roles in the corporate world. During this time, she obtained the following certifications to help develop employees and strengthen organizations: SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Mediation, DiSC, 360, and Korn Ferry's International Leadership Architect 101, Learning Agility Architect, Learning Agility Essentials and Learning Agility Assessments. She has also taught children as a Sunday school teacher and Girl Scout leader.

For almost a decade, Christine has practiced daily research-based mindfulness and meditation techniques that she shares with her clients to help them manage stress and emotions, improve relationships, increase focus and performance, enhance well-being, reduce pain symptoms, and find happiness and meaning in life.

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